Amazing scenery and amazing roads.

Written by  Monday, 19 May 2014 19:57
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It's Monday, we've been on the road a week tomorrow. We have reached Valencia for the night. The last two days have been amazing. 48hrs ago we were heading through France towards the Pyrenees.

As we rounded a bend leaving town they were there in the distance in their snow capped beauty. Rather a contrast to the flat country all around. We headed towards them and up onto the stunning winding roads. The scenery was amazing.

Winding roads, craggy valleys and lush green areas. It got cooler as we climbed, which was mostly rather pleasant! Entering Spain was just passing through a tunnel (3 times because I left my sunglasses loose on the bike as I pulled away)

There were traffic lights at the tunnel entrances, and traffic was only allowed through in one direction at a time. The lights were on an 11minute cycle, or that's what we think it said, and it certainly felt like a long time!

Entering Spain the temperature rose again pleasantly. It was getting a little later in the evening by then. We stopped at a camp-site with lovely facilities and an ice melt stream rushing past. If it had been deeper Stuart (my brother) would have loved the white water for a bit of Kayaking.

The following day we followed the stream down through the mountains until it was dammed and became a beautiful blue lake. The flat areas of the valleys were irrigated and the land was worked and farmed.

Olives, grape vines, citrus fruits, peaches, apricots, even poppies. Steep slopes were terraced to make more growing land. Despite all the growth and green it was always against a dramatic background of red rocky barren looking scrub. The blue lake eventually became a mature green river.

Today we followed the coast road, not so nice, much straighter and flatter. Busier too with all the holiday traffic, industrial area etc. Valencia is interesting with it's 8km long park above where they buried their river! The whole thing appears to be about 200m wide.

Maybe we will ride through the centre tomorrow on our way out and see a little more of it, but for now we're tired and are enjoying an evening with friends. (Though we found Zane a bargain vented Dainese jacket, half price at 100€.)