2 Jobs in one Evening - a bit busy!

Written by  Saturday, 15 January 2011 21:02
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The evening started well - I'd just got home from work when the "bat phone" rang. I put on my best DFW phone-voice and answered.

Codeine Based Small1It was a request to collect a blood sample from Starcross Medical Centre and take it to the Haematology Department at RD&E. I needed to collect it reasonably quickly, as Starcross closed at 6pm.

I dived into the filing cabinet, and emerged as ... ok, not HongKong Phoey, but a DFW volunteer rider, fired up Bravo 3 and, at 5:15pm, headed to Starcross.

It wasn't a long ride, so I got there with plenty of time, picked up the sample, reassured the lady handing it over to me that we really didn't charge for the service - it was completely free! I then rode through the rush-hour traffic to RD&E.

Collecting and riding was the easy bit. Getting IN to the Haematology department was a nightmare! The main door, the one with all the signage outside, was locked. Security wasn't sure how to get in, but directed me to the main entrance. The first 2 members of staff I found had no idea how to get there, and finally I found a sign pointing in the right direction - I followed it, found the place and dropped off the goods. I then returned to the bike and was just about to head for home when I thought I'd better check for messages. Good thing I did!

There was a voice-mail from the Pharmacy at RD&E asking for a drugs collection from Honiton, delivering to Ottery St. Mary, preferably tonight.

Off to Honiton I went.

I collected from the main ward, spent a couple of minutes telling the nurse in charge that we really didn't charge for the service and directed her to the website for more info. I then hopped back on the Pan and zipped over the Ottery St. Mary for the delivery.

All finished by 7:15pm, and then home for the evening. Not a bad evening's ride - a lovely way to finish a hard week!

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