Our Patron

Mark Hayes - FlymoWe are delighted to have as our Patron, West Midlands Ambulance Trust's very own Emergency Biker Birmingham based Paramedic, Mark ‘Flymo’ Hayes, who is not only a familiar face to locals in Birmingham but he’s also well known to fellow bikers across the UK after appearing on four series of Channel 5’s Emergency Bikers.

In Feb of this year, Mark was invited to visit the volunteer bikers of Devon Freewheelers. Mark, who lives in Sutton Coldfield, had a chance to see our operations centre and meet a small group of volunteers, before taking a gentle ride along some of east Devon’s challenging lanes with a few of the volunteer bikers.

Daniel Lavery of Devon Freewheelers, said: “We’d been tweeting Mark for a while, and he decided to check us out. He was really impressed by the work we do and the professionalism of the organisation. He was surprised to learn about the size of the service and the fact that we travel hundreds of thousands of miles every year in sometimes difficult road conditions to deliver vital supplies to hospitals, doctors surgeries and patients’ homes.”

Mark said: “I am honoured to be associated with Devon Freewheelers and its volunteers. The charity not only transports blood but they are the only blood bike organisation to transport human tissue too. This, along with the advanced bike training that every volunteer has to pass, takes this valuable group to another level.”